This website started many years ago as a few pages on basic hosting that I used to learn HTML.

I quickly outgrew just HTML and started using Javascript to make the site more interactive, then picked up CSS soon after.

Of course, I wasn't satisfied with the limitations of just HTML, so I upgraded my hosting and dove into PHP and MySQL.

Coding like a newb

I kept building projects in my spare time. Blogs, forums, basic file storage, and even the beginnings of a wiki were all housed on various corners of this website. Eventually I had refined my abilities to the point where I managed to get a job as a web developer, which I did for a few years before I left to dabble in mobile app development. I couldn't stay away from the web for very long, though, and so I switched to working as a freelance developer.

I always had more ideas than I had time to code them.

The original text for this page, written sometime before 2010, stated "Hopefully [this site] won't get consigned to the scrap heap any time soon". When it came time to retire this site, I couldn't bare to kill it completely, so this page will be a lasting reminder of a website that evolved along with my skills over the years. I've removed all of the projects, cleaned up all of the HTML and CSS, tweaked the design a bit, and made it more responsive. It's not exactly the same site as before, but that seems rather fitting for a website that was never really completed. Maybe the broom handle has been replaced a few times, and it got some new bristles along the way, but it's still the same old site, right?

A broom

If you happen to be looking for a web developer, I'm available for all kinds of work. My main skills are PHP, MySQL HTML5, CSS, jQuery/Javascript, responsive design, and much more. There's very little that I can't turn my hand to, so feel free to contact me and let me know what you need.

External Links:

(I decided to leave these here. I'm surprised that all of the links still work, to be honest.)

The Kingdom of Loathing

KoL is a good text-based game that's a great laugh and has a good community.

The KoL Wiki

The wiki site for the Kingdom of Loathing, an invaluable source of information.


A good resource for web design, it's what I learnt with.


GreaseMonkey scripts can alter pages after they load to make them more accessible, change the appearance, or add functionality.

A page on copyright

I found this a whie ago, it explains things well.